Trompes de polonge

Trompes de Pologne is a music band based at the Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship in Warsaw, established in 2000 at the initiative of Jacek Smoczyński to focus on French hunting music. It is the only such band in Poland performing the unique, and little known in Poland, French hunting music originating from the tradition of great par force hunting events. The band could be considered a national one as it comprises several hunters, aficionados from different regions, who share a common passion for the instrument known as the trompe de chasse. Although they live anywhere from 100 to 500 kilometres apart, and treat it is little more than a hobby, they still manage to perform at a number of hunting and horsemanship events as well as hunting music festivals and competitions, presenting French fanfares, songs and hymns – as well as the St. Hubertus Mass.





At present, it is composed of6 persons:

Marcin Brózda

Łęczno k. Piotrkowa Trybunalskiego

Dariusz Filipczak

Łęczna k. Lublina

Henryk Mąka

Łęczno k. Piotrkowa Trybunalskiego

Contact: Henryk Mąka ul. Sokolnicza 10, 64-020 Czempiń Tel. (061) 282 65 63 lub 282 75 77, kom. +48 607 851 327 e-mail:

Radosław Rola

Chodel k. Lublina

Dariusz Filipczak

Biadaczka k. Lublina

Dariusz Stefaniak

Piaseczno k. Warszawy


St. Hubertus Mass

In 2000, when the band comprised four people, it recorded a short album entitled: “St. Hubertus Mass”, consisting of seven pieces of music that are traditionally performed during masses devoted to the patron saint of hunters and horsemen.

Dedicated to St. Hubertus

In 2005, a second album was recorded at the initiative of that outstanding organist, Jan Bokszczanin, and Jacek Smoczyński – “Dedicated to St. Hubertus”. This combined the sound of organs and hunting horns for the first time in Poland. While it contains several pieces of French horn hunting music, the majority of the album is based upon pieces by famous baroque composers, such as Joseph Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and George Frideric Handel – either solo organs or organs combined with hunting horns. What was new were the compositions by Prof. Marian Sawa, written especially for that occasion – organ variations inspired by the famous hunting song “We’re going hunting”, and “St. Hubertus Mass”. The album has been praised by numerous professional musicians.



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