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Education is the most important element of the mission of the Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship. Its educational activities are targeted at all age groups, starting from pre-school children, involving young people and finishing with adults.
The Museum is a meeting place which offers a unique atmosphere and modern, original activities, and is continually broadening and diversifying its proposals.
The highly qualified team of the Museum has been cooperating with the Mazowsze Local Government Centre for Teacher Qualification Improvement in Warsaw. It is open to all suggestions of the pedagogues, which enable it to add attractive elements to its activities. The lessons are conducted in the unique atmosphere of the exhibition halls and include a presentation of the exhibits and the voices of nature. They often involve film showings and artistic activities. Participants learn about Polish and exotic animals, gather information on protected and extinct species, absorb the mood and history of the 19th century hunting room, or learn about 19th and 20th century carriages and horse riding accessories. In addition to this, some classes are conducted in the Royal Baths Park, enriching the students’ knowledge of forest tree species or animal footprints and tracks.
The classes are conducted by Museum employees, volunteer teachers or creative students, who are most welcome to use such a form of education.
Many scenarios of museum classes have been collected in two volumes of Didactic Materials for Conducting Classes in the Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship. The outlines take into account guidelines included in the Programme Basics for General Education (Journal of Laws No 14, Ordinance of the Ministry of National Education of 15.02.1999). Schools in Warsaw and the Mazowsze voivodship receive a newsletter, which has been published since 1998, with updates on the educational activities of the Museum.
Participants in the classes also learn, in an unconventional manner, how to be disciplined, to work in teams and to be sensitive to the surrounding nature, which shapes their positive outlook of the world.




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